Why Your Final Expenses Might Be More Than You Think

Why Your Final Expenses Might Be More Than You Think

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How much does a funeral in southwestern Missouri cost? Well, the funeral home comparison website parting.com estimates that funerals can cost anywhere between $7,000 and $10,000, while the National Funeral Directors Association says that the national median cost of a funeral with viewing, burial, and vault for the calendar year 2016 was $8,755. Without considering inflation and rising operating costs, the numbers make you realize your final expenses might be more than you think.

Q: Are funeral costs are the bulk of my final expenses?

Yes. “Final expenses” refers to costs associated with the end of a person’s life, so they also include final medical costs, legal and probate fees, and other smaller costs like floral arrangements or catering services, but the bulk of those expenses come from funeral costs. 

Q: How can I estimate my funeral expenses?

Parting.com provides the following estimated figures for burial funeral costs in 2019:

  • fee for the funeral director’s services: $1,500
  • cost for a casket: $2,300
  • embalming: $500
  • cost for using the funeral home for the actual funeral service: $500
  • cost of a gravesite: $1,000
  • cost to dig the grave: $600
  • cost of a grave liner or outer burial container: $1,000
  • cost of a headstone: $1,500

For those living in greater Springfield or Branson, Missouri, these costs may vary slightly. Your specific location and funeral home will affect the final costs.

Figures for cremation are generally a little lower since there is no headstone and the cremation casket costs much less than a burial casket, but those figures can still reach close to $7,000 after adding in the cremation fee and urn.

Q: So funeral expenses alone can cost close to $9,000?

Yes. And as we mentioned earlier, that doesn’t include inflation and the rise in operating costs of funeral homes, so that number will go up from year to year. Considering that in 2019, millions of Americans were only $400 away from a financial crisis, final expense insurance is something worth considering. 

Q: Is final expense insurance the only type that covers funeral costs in Missouri? 

While final expense insurance isn’t for everyone, the best way to find out whether or not it’s right for you is to talk about your specific situation with a professional insurance agent.

Legacy Insurance and Financial can help those living in southwestern Missouri to secure the most affordable final expense insurance available. Don’t let your loved ones pay for your funeral and burial out of their pockets.

Contact us today to get quick answers and compassionate service.

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