Generational planning for your retirement savings using a fixed index annuity

What happens to your 401-k and other retirement savings after you've passed away?

Under IRS rules, your adult children will inherit this money. However, it is still taxable* to them!
How can they preserve this inheritance from being taxed as a lump sum and keep it from costing them in the year they inherit?
It is very simple. They can move the inherited money into a specially designed Fixed Indexed Annuity that will provide protection from market risk for the 10 year window of time allowed by the “Secure Act”. That is, until they have to pay the tax.
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It also provides growth on the principle, bonus money, easy access, as well as other options if needed that are not usually not found in a brokerage account.
The expense of this service (in the majority of cases) would be less costly to all people involved, as opposed to doing nothing, so take action today!


* Under the new “Secure Act” law signed January 2020 which contains a number of key provisions affecting inherited funds– but more specifically– IRA, 401-k type money. This puts limitations on beneficiaries ability to stretch distributions of inherited funds through out their life expectancy to reduce the tax impact.

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