Take the worry out of life with final expense insurance protection

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Protect what you love

Final expense insurance can be a loving gift for the ones you care about most. It gives them direct access to funds that will cover your final expenses. Help leave your family with warm memories, not debt that adds to their burden. We proudly serve individuals in Southwestern Missouri, including the greater Springfield and Branson areas.

covers more than just funeral costs

Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance policy designed to help cover end-of-life costs for the ones you leave behind. With final expense insurance, you help protect your loved ones from paying for these expenses out of their own pocket.

Final expense insurance covers any cost associated with the end of a person’s life. It likely will include funeral costs, but there are other expenses, like final medical costs, mortgage reduction, legal and probate fees – even floral arrangements and catering services.

how final expense insurance works

With final expense insurance, the insured does not need to have a physical exam. This type of coverage works well for people who can’t obtain preferred whole life insurance because of a health condition. Final expense insurance may not be right for everyone, but for those in certain situations, it can be highly beneficial. The best way to know is to talk with a professional about your specific needs. 

You can quickly find out if final expense insurance is right for you, and how much your plan will cost.

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