Solutions for Missouri retirees

As you approach retirement, you have many financial considerations. Legacy Insurance and Financial of Springfield Missouri can help you make the right choices with your retirement savings so that you and your spouse can continue to be self-reliant. 

We can also help you provide for your family by giving them one last gift: final expense insurance benefits. Choosing final expense insurance will give them time to heal and grieve without the financial burden. 

How can we help you?

Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance can be a loving gift for the ones you care about most. It gives them direct access to funds that will cover your final expenses. Help leave your family with warm memories, not debt that adds to their burden.

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Fixed Index Annuities

Provide protection from stock market risk at the same time providing income options to suite your lifestyle. They also provide options for continued growth of your retirement savings and liquidation for life events if need be and death benefit options

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we care about you.

What is it like to work with Legacy Insurance and Financial?

Mary Stanley

I so much appreciated Mr. Ward's professionalism when we met to discuss my planning for final arrangements. He was very personable and had excellent communication skills. Mr. Ward is a good listener and was well prepared to answer and any questions. Mr. Ward shared his credentials and his current licensure in a relaxed.manner. He kept the setting private and was easy to talk with. I had not focused a lot on having a specific plan until I talked with Mr Ward. He was able to clarify the value of having such a plan and how it benefits a family in a number of ways. I certainly will share his contact information with others as opportunity presents.

Lee N. Hubler

I have known Russell Ward for two years. During that time he has helped with various financial matters. I found him to be very knowledgeable regarding my financial questions and explained to my concerns in a clear-cut, easy to understand manner. He is an asset to me definitively.

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